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# Philosophy is an Undernet IRC channel maintained as a forum for people interested in civil discussion of philosophical ideas. It is visited by people from both hemispheres of the world who are drawn to observing or participating in philosophical discourse and debate. Our channel-ideal is that # Philosophy be a reliable place in cyber-space where these diverse people's expectations for civil philosophical conversation are met.

# Philosophy exists more for amateur philosophers than for professionals. Professional philosophers may indulge their proclivity for philosophical discourse among their academic peers. However, for people outside academe, it is rare to find a circle of acquaintances who share the desire to explore the mysteries of existence. There are many people who are thus frustrated by a lack of means for conversing with others of like mind. # Philosophy often provides that means.

Please click the Channel Guidelines link for policies pertaining to conduct in # Philosophy. Comments and suggestions may be conveyed to me by email ( skept_cm@yahoo.com ) or via /msg Skept when in the philosophy channel. All messages are logged and yours will be given due consideration.


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Access to #Philosophy:

You may access Undernet #Philosophy by clicking the link below. You may get a warning about Java Applets and security risks. This particular applet is safe and you must accept the applet before you will be able to use this service. After you see the connection page, type in your desired nickname in the space provided, then hit the enter key on your keyboard. Say hello and share your thoughts!

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Direct connection to Undernet #Philosophy made possible through the help of the nick, magic, from the Undernet IRC Operators team.

Of course, after you visit with us a few times, you may decide to download one of the IRC Chat clients such as mIRC, or Ircle. There are other IRC clients (programs) such as PIRCH and Virc.

IRC Programs:

Use the information below to learn more about IRC chat clients (programs).

Step one: Download and install an IRC program.

Step two: Run the program and where the cursor blinks, type: /server us.undernet.org

Step three: After connection is made to the server, type: /join #Philosophy


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